Agricola Family Farm was founded in the United States in 2013. The name Agricola Family is translated “Famille Agricole” in french. We are a refugee family from the Republic of Congo. We moved to the United States from Ivory Coast where we sought asylum for 11 years. As a second generation in agriculture, we believe that through farming , we can feed the world and our community one family at a time.

Cote D’ Ivoire , 1999-2010

Farmer Alain planting lettuce

Our father Alain, first started farming when he was 11 years old in our native country – the Congo. At the time he could not pay for school nor could his parents fully support his education. However with the help his local church and priests, he learned to grow vegetables and raise livestock and poultry through his teenagers years. He continued to do so through his adulthood. Although he could not finish school, he instead used the profit he made to support our mother to continue school and later his family.

Cote D’ Ivoire , 1999-2010

When the civil war broke in our country , we were force to flee to another country and start life over. Living there was not as easy as we expected it to be. We had to adapt to a new culture, a new living standard as a refugee family. In 2000, our family received the official status of refugee from the UNHCR- United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. This agency was able to help our parents continue farming which helped pay for our school fees, uniform, food and other family expenses. In return, we also helped feed other refuge families from throughout the African Continent. We could not farm in a bigger scale like we did back home, but this land (pictured above ) was little over 1 acre. This was just enough to grow food and raise animals. Over the years, our family moved a lot throughout the country because fitting in was constantly a battle. Some days we would face discrimination from the neighbors.

United States, 2010-Present

Farmer Alain with his family

Being able to resettle in the United States was and is one of the greatest gift our family could have ever asked for. When we first learned that our family was moving to the United States; our parents felt relieved. They knew it would be difficult because we needed to start over one more time. However, this time was different. We would have a place we could call home and we (the children) could continue to attend school and receive lots of career opportunities. Most importantly, grow up in a safe environment without fear of your neighbor(s). Another gift is the ability for our family to continue farming and follow our mission: to produce sustainable food for our community & to feed one family at the time.

Some freshly radish

Agricola Family Farm is driven by the support & love that you give us, the love we have for nature and the willingness to put food on your dinner table. To this present, we are farming on a 2 and half acres of land in Cleveland. We grow vegetables and raise our poultry using sustainable agricultural practices. We do not spray and fertile our soil with any chemicals.

Fresh vegetable=happy customer!

Our goal for the future is to expand our farm business to local farmers markets, restaurants and families and be certified organic. Our family is immensely grateful to you for the support through your donations and time, for understanding ( especially when there is sometimes a language barrier)and for stopping at our farmers market booths to say Hello.

Mama Tide (Teed) is the soul of Agricola Family Farm. We love you maman!

Agricola Family Farm | Feeding one family at a time.