What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), and how does it work?

CSA is a weekly delivery of food or food products. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a powerful investment in your health, community and local economy. This program helps local farmers provide their surrounding with fresh locally-grown produces. In addition, CSA helps families eat seasonal produces. Most important, CSA help local farmers support their businesses and families. Learn more about the history of CSA here.

How does it work?

To become CSA members, customers sign up from December-April or until the farm fills up for the coming growing season. New members are required to pay for their share up front and receive vegetable share deliveries weekly or bi-weekly throughout the seasonal growing period; offered by the farm.

Once enrolled, you or anyone in your neighborhood can start enjoying delicious, freshly-picked produces!

Newsletters or blogs will be uploaded to keep members connected to the life on the farm, introduce new vegetables, and inspire new recipes using all the goodies in your box. This is also an opportunity for customers, members or anyone interested to interact with Alain (farmer).

How can I tell if CSA is a good choice for me and my family?

Do you enjoy cooking at home, or want to learn? Do you like the flavors and challenges of eating season and the idea of committing to your food producers? If you responded yes, then CSA could be great for you!

Do I get to choose the veggies that are included in a CSA share?

If you choose an on-farm pick, you will get to pick your veggies, however, you may only get what we provide in your box – Some of our pick-up sites will often have “swap boxes” where you can substitute any product you do not want. We encourage our members to try everything that’s in the box – there’s always a recipe available somewhere. Or just ask!

What types of shares are available?

At our farm, we offer our customers several options which include: a large share (feeds 4 vegetable eaters weekly; includes 9-10 produces), medium share (this is ideal for one-two and includes 7 produces), small share (Includes less variety) and a Try-It-First share (if you are still not sure about engaging in a CSA program this is for you). Eggs (one dozen) are also included!

IMG_20141214_105235 (1)
This is an example of our bountiful November share!

Our CSA program is divided into three parts:

8 weeks Try-It-First share; 15 weeks ; 20 weeks

When signing up, consider the following:

  • Location of Pick-Up Site
  • Length of Delivery Season
  • Price of Share – A direct comparison of shares can be misleading. Make sure to choose the right fit for you and/or your family. Divide the total share cost by the number of weeks to get a per-week cost as you compare shares.
  • Specialty Items – Houston Organic Farm offers a wide variety of seasonal vegetables, fresh eggs and meat (poultry)
  • Produce Variety– Do you eat with a sense of adventure?

I am on a limited income. Do you provide food assistance?

Houston Organic Farm pledged to help fight food insecurity in your community. If you or someone is on a limited income and show needs of food, we are always happy to help! Do contact us if you would like to know more. Let us know how we can help!